KENA Ribbon Cutting

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KENA Ribbon Cutting
Excitement will fill the air as the Kalamazoo Eastside Neighborhood Association (KENA) celbrates a significant milestone with a memorable ribbon cutting ceremony. This special event marks the beginning of an exciting partnership with ELITE COMPANIES, a market leader in community construction. Together, they are poised to transform and uplift the Kalamazoo Eastside neighborhood, fostering a stronger sense of community and enhancing the quality of life for its residents.

Building Partnerships for Positive Change: The collaboration between KENA and ELITE COMPANIES represents a shared vision of creating a neighborhood that thrives on unity, inclusivity, and prosperity. ELITE COMPANIES, known for its expertise and commitment to community construction projects, has joined forces with KENA to bring their combined resources, skills, and passion to uplift the neighborhood.

Transforming the Neighborhood: The partnership between KENA and ELITE COMPANIES promises to bring about transformative changes to the Kalamazoo Eastside community. With ELITE COMPANIES' extensive experience in community construction, the neighborhood can look forward to improved infrastructure, enhanced public spaces, and modernized amenities. The ultimate goal is to create an environment where residents can flourish and take pride in their neighborhood.

Fostering Community Engagement: Beyond the physical transformation, KENA and ELITE COMPANIES are dedicated to fostering community engagement and empowerment. By involving residents in the decision-making processes and encouraging active participation, the partnership aims to build stronger bonds among neighbors and create a vibrant social fabric.

A Bright Future Ahead: The ribbon cutting ceremony marked the beginning of an exciting journey for the Kalamazoo Eastside community. With KENA's passion for community development and ELITE COMPANIES' expertise, the future holds immense promise for the neighborhood. By working together, they will create a positive and sustainable impact that will be felt by residents for generations to come.

 Bring your family and friends for a joyous occasion in our neighborhood!
KENA Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Wednesday, June 21, 2023
1802 East Main St.
Kalamazoo, MI 49048

Let's come together to create a vibrant community!

The ribbon cutting ceremony between Kalamazoo Eastside Neighborhood Association and ELITE COMPANIES is a momentous occasion, signifying a new chapter in the neighborhood's growth and transformation. Through their partnership, they aspire to create a thriving community, built on collaboration, inclusivity, and progress. The Kalamazoo Eastside neighborhood can look forward to a brighter future, where residents can take pride in their surroundings and enjoy a higher quality of life. Together, they are poised to make a lasting and positive impact that will leave a legacy for generations to come.