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Generations Later...

30 years later and the generations of Wattles Park come back together to build a $2MM new gym at the elementary school!!

Partnering with ELITE COMPANIES, Wattles Park will have a new, 20,400 square-foot recreation center, which is expected to have six courts for indoor basketball, floor hockey, volleyball, soccer and baseball leagues, a concession stand, storage room, dining area, restrooms and up to 400 parking spaces.

"The building would ensure that future generations of boys and girls in the Greater Battle Creek community would have access to affordable recreation as well as serving as melting pot for kids of all races, religions and cultures," said Lincoln, the club's executive director for the past 16 years and an active member since the mid-1970s

Construction is slotted for late spring/early summer, 2020. Stay tuned for updates as the project gets underway!

Pictured (L-R): Tony Zebelle, Site Contractor, Bill Rizor, WPMC Board President, Gary Lincoln, WPMC Executive Director, Ryan Long, President of ELITE COMPANIES and Mike Deloof, Senior Project Manger with ELITE COMPANIES.

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